Curvy in Corporate Chicago



Speak on it…

Since Chicago is known more for corporations and fashion (mmmm, not so much), we decided to combine the two for our curvy women who work their butts off and feel they are too busy to ruffle through the racks. Shopping can be time consuming and often times a hassle if you aren’t sure how to shop for yourself.

Whenever I see workshops for how to dress in the workplace, I see boring button-ups and slacks or looks that really do not fit my bubbly  and colorful personality. I mean, I know I worked at a law firm and I have to keep it together, but sometimes you want a pick-me-up outfit. It’s like I am swimming in a world of mundane colors– black, navy, brown, khaki, gray, and white. Somebody save me!


No color, no fun. And not to mention, colors make me happy!

So this workshop is definitely beneficial to those looking to spice up their corporate life and bring some inexpensive, but FLY (or expensive, if that’s what you like) fashion styles to the workplace. A few of the topics we will cover are:

  • Different Types of Business Attire
  • Finding the Fun in Mundane Monday
  • Appropriate Accessories
  • The Perfect Shoe!
  • Makeup Appropriation
  • Makeup: Wrap It Up, I’m Late
    And more…

Our guest speakers include…

Natasha (Host), Owner of The Curvy Express, Fashion Consultant & Blogger (@thecurvyexpress)
Janessa, Fashion Stylist and Jewelry Maker (@essiescloset, @robbinpatrice)
Jorrie, Naturally Jorrie Blog, Curvy Fashion Stylist & Blogger (@naturallyjorrie)
Rashia, Shia2Fierce Makeup (@shia2fierce_mua)

We encourage you to join us in making a difference in Chicago and we get to do it the best way– through fashion!

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