Letter to Curvy Chicago

Dear Curvy Chicago,

New York and California are killing in the plus-size fashion game and it’s time for Chicago to STAND UP!

CurvyGirl (Fashion) Network is the liaison to the CurvyFashion world. Join us to stay in the know of fashion shows, fashion conferences and expos, model castings, movie castings, networking events, and other fun CurvyGirl networking events where you can meet other curvy fashionistas and BE YOURSELF.

We seek to collaborate with plus-size retailers, modeling agencies, boutiques, and bloggers to bring you opportunities in the “curvy” fashion world and to keep you abreast of the latest fashion trends. Whether you are a personal stylist/image consultant, fashion blogger, beauty blogger, plus-size model, aspiring plus-size model, hairstylist, photographer, or whatever fits your plus-size title, we’re looking for YOU!

So come READY! And remember, it’s not about competition– we’re here for EMPOWERMENT and positive vibes ONLY.

Peace, Love, and Style ✌🏾️ ❤️ & 👠

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